Family Picture

This is my family: my husband João (with a fake moustache) and our bitch Mia (with a real fur that sheds everywhere, but she’s so cuuute!)

My name is Millia and I’m 32 years old Londoner.

I’ve always loved writing and have been fighting myself away from it for years. Mostly out of doubt that I will always have topics to write about and quite honestly due to procrastination (that good old never ending fight).

I have studied Event Management at uni, I’ve been working in the industry for 3/4 years and it’s a lot of hard working fun, but I’m going through a little bit of a crisis.

So I’ve decided to create a new adventure: my own space where I can share my life experiences and (hopefully) organise my life.

Here are the topics I love and will be writing about:

  • travelling (I’m addicted)
  • eating (because I loooove food)
  • house organising, decoration, cleaning and de-cluttering (far too many years of mom tips and far too many small flats to fit loads of stuff in!)
  • and, of course, all things London!

Welcome, people of the world! I hope you become part of the family!

P.S. – Because I’m quite good at organising things, if you need an event organiser or a home organiser and “de-clutterer”, please don’t hesitate getting in touch.