My beautiful family of 4. My husband João, our son Dinis and our dog Mia.

My name is Millia and I’m a 33 years old Londoner.

Having invested some years in Event Management (and loving it), I’ve kept a little writing bug alive just in case. I have decided to give it go in the form of a blog and have become dedicated to this since the beginning of 2019 so I can spend more time with my baby boy.

Here are the topics you will find here:

  • motherhood (had a baby in 2018, so it’s kind of a hot topic)
  • travelling (I’m addicted to it)
  • eating (because I loooove food)
  • and, of course, all things London and Portugal! (where I live and where I’m from respectively)

Welcome, people of the world! I hope you become part of the family!

P.S. – For any partnerships, please do get in touch.