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Introducing: Tidy Shop

Hello, people of the world!

I’m happy to be back to writing! I’ve had a few busy months with several event management projects popping up and have to admit: this blog was left behind. But no more!

When helping a few people getting their homes organised in the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that not everyone wants to give everything away to charity. Whilst we are happy to do it for some items (because they’re still in excellent conditions but we are no longer emotionally attached to them) other are harder to get rid of. Well, to be honest, fair enough.

At that point,  I made this question:
– “What if they were sold instead?”
– “Well… Maybe… But I don’t know how to do it…”
– (Lightbulb moment in my brain!)

What if I could help selling them? And that’s when the idea of an online shop came on.

Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, welcome to my little Tidy Shop!

Why and how?

I thought this could be the perfect way to get rid of things and get some of the investment back.

Because I’m starting with baby steps, the first batch of products can only be purchased by UK-based shoppers. For now, it’s second-hand items whose owners want to get some money back from. In a lot of cases, there’s never worn/used items.

I can post them to your address (shipping fees apply) or, if you’re based in London, we can arrange a meeting for you to check the item’s condition in person. If you’re interested in an item and you’d like to meet in person to pick it up, please email me and I will send you a code to waive the shipping fee.* “Simples”! Also, if your order is over £50.00 the shipping is free!

For your peace of mind, all photos were taken at my place and only minor retouching was applied to hide backgrounds and show the correct colours. Therefore on used products, if there is any wear and tear, you’ll be able to spot it.

Have a look and if you need it, please feel free to grab it! 🙂

If you have items you would like to sell or need help to organise and de-clutter your closet/house, please get in touch.

I’m so excited!!!

Big hug,

* Please note that items bought directly on the website will take priority over the emails requesting for a meetup.

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