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23 things that are true at 32

When you’re 23, a young and more naive relaxed person, you look up at 30-year-olds and you’re like: ‘Wow… they’ve got it all figured out!’
And by 32, you think that you’re supposed to have kids, be married, have your own house, a car and a stable career.

This is true for some (probably very few) of my friends, but damn, it’s definitely not the case for me!

I consider that, so far, my best year was at 23. And, for some weird reason, I have high hopes for my 32’s.

So, as I turned 32 this month, I realised a few things. The main thing being that we all evolve at a very different pace and life doesn’t always turn out to be the way you’ve planned.

Of course this is something that I’ve known for a long time, we read it constantly everywhere. But most times we need to go through things for them to fully make sense.

So here’s 23 things that are true at 32

  1. Career:
    Some of us have stable careers.
    Some of us are investing in a career change.
    Some of us still haven’t found our dream job.
    And some of us are simply “between jobs”.
  2. Studying:
    Some of us have 1/2/3 degrees.
    Some of us are still studying.
    Some of us are finally studying.
    Some of us are studying again.
    And some of us never bothered to study at all.
  3. Gym:
    Some of us go to the gym.
    Some of us hate the gym.
    Some of us pretend to like the gym and then head to the pub.
    And some of us just don’t understand the word gym: “Gym? Do you mean gin?”
  4. Food:
    Some of us cook enough to survive.
    Some of us should be masterchefs.
    Some of us go to the restaurant, pub or have takeaway (every now and then or every now and ALWAYS).
    Some of us eat clean/vegetarian/vegan/paleo/and-all-those-other-trends-and-lifestyles
    And some of us think mushrooms in our pizzas or lettuce in our burgers count as one of the five-a-day.
  5. Relationship status:
    Some of us are in relationships.
    Some of us are single.
    Some of us want to remain single.
    Some of us are married.
    Some of us never plan to be married. Ever. Seriously. Never ever (Never ever?).
    And some of us have divorce celebrations #ItsAThing.
  6. Kids:
    Some of us have a kid.
    Some of us have a couple of kids.
    Some of us have (too) many kids.
    Some of us adopt.
    Some of us are childless for now.
    Some will be (happily) forever childless.
    And some of us should have never had kids.
  7. House:
    Some of us rent a house.
    Some of us share a house.
    Some of us share a room.
    Some of us bought a house.
    Some of us bought a house and a boat.
    Some of us sold the boat.
  8. Car:
    Some of us bought a car.
    Some of us would love to have a car, but can only afford public transport.
    Some of us would love to get a Tesla (please, future self, please!).
  9. Travel:
    Some of us like to travel.
    Some of us can’t afford to travel.
    Some of us are addicted to travel.
    Some of us don’t understand why so many of us want to get out of our comfort zone, taste foods without understanding what’s in it, spend hours on trains packed with people who don’t understand the word deodorant and get lost in countries where no one speaks a language we understand.
    Yet some of us, still love to travel.
  10. Lifestyle:
    Some of us like the comfort of our home.
    Some of us go out every weekend.
    Some of us live in a limbo in which when we go out we love it, but we’re usually too lazy to take the slippers off our feet.
    Because some of us simply have a symbiotic relationship with our sofas. #RaiseYourHandsUpHigh
  11. Shopping:
    Some of us do online shopping.
    Some of us hate online shopping.
    Some of us need to go to the shop, look at the stuff, carry everything home and secretly wish we did online shopping.
  12. Technology:
    Some of us are tech savvy.
    Some of us are clueless about technology.
    Some of us understand enough of technology just to get by.
    Some of us know that “turning off and on again” is the only single solution to any technology issue.
  13. Grown ups:
    Some of us have grown up.
    Some of us will never ever grow up. #Simples
  14. Family loss:
    Some of us have lost family members and friends.
    Some of us have been lucky motherf*ckers and still have everyone around us.
  15. Mind:
    Some of us get depressed at times.
    Some of us are happy most times.
    Yet some of us don’t realise that we’re happy most times.
  16. Reading:
    Some of us love to read.
    Some of us don’t read at all.
    Some of us read (and believe) those Facebook posts are ALL true.
    Some of us only read text messages because our brains are too busy to process any more words than that.
  17. Music:
    Some of us are eclectic.
    Some of us are trendy.
    Some of us haven’t got a clue.
    Some of us have secret guilty pleasures.
    Some of us are into vinyl.
    Some of us know what a Walkman is.
    Some of us (somehow) don’t like music at all. #WhatsWrongWithYouPeople
  18. Friends:
    Some of us have the same forever friends.
    Some of us have new adult friends.
    Some of us hang out with friends.
    Some of us ignore our friends.
    Some of us are unable/unwilling to have human friends (and tend to prefer animal friends, the best friends of all).
  19. Art:
    Some of us understand art.
    Some of us don’t.
    Some of us, pretend we understand art but secretly know that’s just a line on a blank white canvas (and we all could have done it).
  20. Festivals:
    Some of us love go to festivals to listen to music.
    Most of the other go to festivals to take Instagram pictures. #TrueThat
  21. Plants:
    Some of us can keep plants alive.
    Some of us talk to plants.
    Some don’t understand why plants don’t send us sound/smoke or anxious-moving signals to give them water. #WhyPlantsWhy
  22. Animals:
    Some of us have a dog.
    Some of us have a cat.
    Some of us have a dog and a cat.
    Some of us wish we had a dog or a cat.
    Some of us have a dog, a cat and a parrot.
    Some of us have a dog, a cat, a parrot and a fox. #ILoveJuniperAndFigTheFoxes
    Some of us have a zoo. (Shout out to all the cat babes, dog lovers and general animal addicts)
  23. Health:
    Some of us have never felt better in our lives.
    Some of us still have the looks of an 18 year old (or are still getting acne as if we were 15 all over again. #aaaaaarrrrrgggghhh)
    Some of us are fighting and overcoming the worst.
    And most of us start to understand that there’s a small new pain somewhere in the body every single day we wake up. And that older people were right to complain all along.

We all tick different boxes of the above.
None of us have perfect lives, none of us have everything we want to have, probably most of us aren’t even sure of what we want!

And in conclusion:

It’s OK that you haven’t gotten everything figured out (at whatever age you’re at).
None of us do.

That’s definitely true at 32. 



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  • Reply
    Elizabeth Uchealor
    31st July 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Haha, life is never the same for everyone. At 32, I had lost a baby and was pregnant again. It was a year of miracle for me. Thanks for sharing

    • Reply
      1st August 2017 at 6:16 pm

      Oh Elizabeth! Thank YOU for sharing! It seems like such an obvious statement, but there’s so many of us that get stuck with the fact that things didn’t go according to what society expects of us. Or even fulfilling our own expectations. But the truth is there’s no standard and knowing that gives us a bit more hope in the future. At least that’s how I feel. I’m glad that your 32 turned out to be one of the most memorable years for you in a much more positive way. I’m hoping for the same. 🙂 I’ll let you know. 😛

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