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“But it’s really cute!!!” – “Yeah, but you don’t really use it, do you?”


Getting rid of stuff can be really hard.

I confess that I do have more things in my house that I don’t really use that I’d like to admit. But it can be handy in the future! Because, you know, I will be invited for that Gala dinner one day. Or I will definitely read those magazines. And newspapers. And books. Definitely. #not

Truth is:
When we really need something for a specific reason, we will go out and buy it.

We all have those clothes that we didn’t even wear once. We bought them because they were “oh, so cheap!”. Or we saw someone wearing them and it looked cute on them. Or “I will eventually need this in the future“. Or they will one day fit (I’m so guilty of having bought some jeans I never slim down enough to fit in!).

We all have those shoes that hurt and, let’s be honest, they will never stop hurting. No matter how cute they are, or how handy they’re supposed to be, if they hurt from the moment you put them on, you’re not really going to wear them, ever! Come on, admit it to yourself!

I once bought this awesome kitchen spoon with measures inside. It looks cool and “oh! so handy”! Yes, you’ve guessed well: I’ve never used it, not once. Not because it isn’t handy, but because I’m that kind of cook (I can hear my father gasp at me calling myself a cook) that doesn’t really measure stuff: my measure is a little bit of this and “yeah… this looks like about the right amount”. I’m probably never going to use that spoon. Although, and despite it not fitting very well in the drawer, I can’t seem to throw it away!
Measuring spoon that I don’t really use

And I think that’s fine. We get attached to the things we buy.

I personally think the things we own reflect our personality. That’s why we own different things and have different styles.

Although, if it doesn’t fit, if we don’t really like it, if we have never used it if it physically hurts us, why keep it?

OK. I’m getting rid of the shoes.
I can’t really get rid of the spoon. Just yet.

P.S. – And you, what is the one thing you could get rid off today?
P.S.2 – Why did you buy it in the first place? 😃

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