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I have a baby in my belly!!!


So, I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite a bit, but I haven’t forgotten about it!

Excuses are what they are but:

  • I’ve started a new job
  • We had quite a few friends visiting in the past months
  • And well… I have a baby in my belly!!!

I’ve now been pregnant 35 weeks and counting.

Gosh, time flies and the baby is due in about a month… It’s scary!

Up until a couple of weeks I didn’t have a crib, a car seat, a changing station, a pushchair… #NotReady
I basically had just stock up in really cute clothes, a couple of adorable toys and far too many books!
But I still need quite a few things that might be quite important… Like, I don’t know, packing a hospital bag!!! 

So yeah, I’m not totally ready yet. But hopefully he’s just like his mum and he’s not ready to come meet the world sooner than he’s supposed too either! 

And yes! It’s a baby boy!!! We’re thrilled and getting more excited by the minute.

But let me tell you all about it. Well not all, don’t worry. Just some key points from the beginning of this journey. #DontBeAwkward

We created a human being

So, it all started last year when I said that we should try for a baby.

Husband was not highly convinced: I was in a nice but temporary low paid job and we were wondering whether we should move to a new place/country until the end of the year (2017). So the timing was not amazing. 

But I thought, well, let’s just try!

It will never be a good time to have a baby as they’re expensive little things, there’s always something that is not quite right (work projects, planned travels, house) but I would like to be a mum at 32 (I don’t know why, it’s just part of my life plan).

Also, there was always a chance that it wouldn’t happen straight away (for a lot of couples it doesn’t), so it could have taken some years.
It was better to find out sooner rather than later whether we were fine, or whether we needed to look at options.

And well, to our somewhat shock, it happened straight away!

Oh-oh… I mean, hooray!


For the first three months it just didn’t really feel real.

I am one of those lucky women that didn’t suffer with that much nausea and had none of the morning sickness (I know, #bitch). Also, my body didn’t really change until I was 4 months. I was slightly overweight when I got pregannt (to my personal normal standards) so belly stayed the same for nearly 4 months.

The only symptom I had in the very beginning was breast soreness for much longer than usual. Nothing else. Well, maybe a very slight nausea to a couple of things (for example I couldn’t brush my teeth with the pomegranate toothpaste I had in stock) but not much else.

So much so, that before we travelled to tell our parents at 12 weeks (they live in Portugal and we decided to go there and surprise them with a visit plus telling them that they’re going to be first time grandparents!), I took another pregnancy test just to make sure I was really pregnant. At that point I was pretty sure as, you know, no period for 3 months, a couple of pregnancy tests confirmed by a doctor, a confirmation scan at like 6 weeks or so… It was kind of certain (I will talk about pregnancy moments in more detail on another post as it might be useful for other people).

All good and fairly easy (so far)

Until I reached 7 months despite the sudden exhaustion moments and weaker immune system it was a pretty easy ride (compared to so many “horror” stories).

Although, since the beginning of the 7th month it’s been a bit harder as my body has started to tell me that I need to rest more often and for longer. If there’s something I regret is to have not done proper exercise in the year building up to pregnancy. It would have helped, I’m sure.

But, I’m still finding it all quite nice and easy! It’s funny how I’ve had quite a few “bad” episodes throughout the pregnancy and yet I think it’s been just lovely! I think my brain is training me for the future hurdles. #ItWontBeEasyPeasyOnceHesOut

And it’s been pretty cool, especially because I since the 4th/5th month I’ve been able to feel my lovely “dancer” baby in my belly!!! As he’s already head down for quite a few weeks. I call him my breakdancer! He’s been practicing headspins and I think he’s quite good at it! Ahah.

I’m not intending to only write about mum and baby stuff on my blog from now onward, but naturally it will take a little bit more of my space.
I hope you enjoy it and keep following my steps whether you have a baby or intend to have one in the future. Or just don’t have that intention at all but like to understand how other people’s babies work and how their life gets shaped by it! Prepare for some amount of #BabySpam !

But yeaaaaaaaah! I have a baby in my belly!!!



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